(Blueprint for Economic Equality)
The Opportunity Compact is a comprehensive set of principles and policy recommendations set forth by the National Urban League (NUL) designed to empower all Americans to be full participants in the economic and social mainstream of this nation.  The Compact outlines the main recommendations of the National Urban League in four major areas (the Opportunity to Earn, to Own, to Thrive and to Prosper).  The words "opportunity" and "compact" offer a concise and self-explanatory description of what the Opportunity Compact represents--an agreement between interested parties to take action that will improve the chances for advancement and progress of those living in America's cities.

As an affiliate of (NUL), the Birmingham Urban League offers programs and services in key areas that affect economic stability and supports initiatives that are aligned to the Opportunity Compact:

The Opportunity to Own, Comprehensive Housing Counseling Services
The Opportunity to Earn, Workforce Development/Jobs 
The Opportunity to Thrive, Youth Services
The Opportunity to Prosper, Financial Empowerment Movement

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The Urban League also works with local, regional and national partners to provide additional services, which include: 

- Read and Rise Resource Guides
- Financial Literacy Workshops
- Job Postings 

Health and Wellness Initiatives


Additionally, BUL promotes Civic Engagement, Educational Enrichment, Equal Opportunity, Health and Wellness and Voter Registration. 

The Birmingham Urban League also has an active Young Professionals (YP) Chapter.  The Birmingham Urban League Young Professionals (BULYP) is a Birmingham Urban League volunteer auxiliary that
targets young professionals ages 21-40 to empower their communities and change lives through the Urban League Movement.  The YP mission is to support the Birmingham Urban League Movement through volunteerism, philanthropy and membership development.  The local chapter hosts regular membership meetings, community forums, nextworking mixers and identifies opportunities for civic participation.

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